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How can I Lower my Medicare Premiums?

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Medicare premiums generally come as a shock to new Medicare beneficiaries. Perhaps you have observed that our government has been deducting taxes out of your paychecks for years. And certainly, these deductions go towards funding your future Part A Medicare premiums in addition to your Social Security benefits.

What these taxes DON’T go towards are your Part B Medicare premiums or Medicare Part D premiums. So many individuals are shocked and unprepared to pay even the standard premiums of $135.50 in 2019, not to mention if individuals have larger incomes it would significantly rise the monthly premiums for them.

Luckily, there are a number of methods to scale back your Medicare premiums or get Medicare assistance to pay these premiums. In case you are having issues paying premiums for Medicare, seriously contemplate using these methods to scale back your Medicare premiums.

File a Medicare IRMAA Appeal

In case you are one of those beneficiaries who pays extra for your Medicare Part B and D premiums on account of your larger salary, you could possibly petition this. Social Security base your Medicare premiums on your modified adjusted household gross earnings from 2 years before now.

So how are Medicare premiums calculated? Presently, if your IRS tax return from 2 years ago exhibits that you just earned greater than $85,000 as an individual or $170,000 filing as a couple, then you can be assessed a larger premium.

That is known as an Income-Related Monthly Adjustment Amount and Medicare premiums for individuals who have high earnings will be assessed an IRMAA which will then cost a bundle. Yow will discover an IRMAA Medicare Premium chart on this page.

The most typical cause for folks getting assessed greater Medicare premiums is as a result of them just retiring. Their earnings two years ago was larger than it’s now that they’re retired.

You may file a reconsideration request to petition your Medicare IRMAA. Social Security will ask for proof of your larger salary then versus now. For those who can present that their salary is lower than previous years, Social Security might scale back these premiums for you and decrease or cancel your IRMAA

Pay Medicare Premiums with your HSA

Many individuals turning 65 right now enter their retirement years with cash that they’ve saved up in a health savings account throughout their working years. Many employers nowadays provide high-deductible medical insurance plans that allow workers to open and contribute to a health savings account.

Cash that you just save into a health savings account is yours for eternity. Funds that you contribute go in tax-free and in addition come out tax-free whenever you use that cash for certified medical charges.

One of many certified medical bills that you should use HSA funds for are Medicare premiums. You’ll be able to pay your Medicare Part A, Part B, Part C, and Part D premiums out of your HSA account. Nevertheless, you can’t use your HSA to pay for your Medigap premiums.

Because you have not paid taxes on that cash, you’re basically minimizing what you pay on your Medicare premiums.

Learn more about Medicare and HSA plans.

Get Help Paying Medicare Premiums

There’s help to pay Medicare premiums available via the Medicare Savings Programs. These programs can supply support with paying your Medicare Part B and D Premiums.

You’ll be able to apply via the Medicaid office at the Department of Health and Human Services offices in your state.

In the event you qualify for help to pay for your Medicare premiums as a result of your low earnings, you may get assistance paying Medicare premiums from the federal authorities. You might qualify to get some or all your Medicare Part B premiums paid.

Low Income Subsidy

In case your earnings isn’t low enough to qualify for one of the Medicaid/Medicare financial savings programs, you should still be able to qualify for the chance to reduce Medicare Part D premiums by way of the low-income subsidy program. This program helps to pay for your Part D premiums, deductibles, coverage, copays and coinsurance.

Many beneficiaries who would qualify for this program are utterly unaware of it. But it’s estimated to save qualifying beneficiaries up to $4,000 on Medicare Part D bills.

When you find yourself awarded the low earnings subsidy, you will discover that your copays on  your medicines are tremendously lowered. Depending on the subsidy qualification level, you may additionally pay little to no premiums for your chosen Part D plan.

Learn more about the Extra Assistance for Part D Program here.

Medicare Advantage with Part B Premium Reduction

Whether or not you determine that you wish to enroll in a Medicare Supplement or a Medicare Advantage plan, you need to first be enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B. Meaning that you’re paying for Part B each month even should you enroll in a low-premium Medicare Advantage plan.

In particular states, notably in Florida, there are some Medicare Advantage plans that not only have a zero-premium, but in addition provide you a Part B premium discount.

The way in which this works is that the Advantage plan pays for a portion of your Part B premiums. For instance, when you enrolled in an Advantage plan with a $60 monthly Part B premium discount, then instead of paying $135.50 for Part B, you’ll pay solely $75.50/month for those 12 months.

Bear in mind that this discount amount is subject to alter annually, so it could possibly be that the discount amount will increase or decrease in subsequent years. I say this to just be sure you are mindful to select a Medicare Advantage plan that actually suits you in all the other ways as well.

It must have your medical doctors in the network and your medicine in the formulary listing. But if you could find one which has all the appropriate features and benefits and in addition reduces your Part B premium, then that’s a win-win.

Deduct your Medicare Premiums from your Taxes

Probably the most frequent question we get from our Medicare eligible policyholders here at El Mag Insurance is: “Are Medicare premiums tax deductible?”

Sure, Medicare premiums might be deductible your from taxes in the proper circumstances; in case you have had sufficient medical bills to file an itemized deduction for medical bills on your Form 1040.

Actually, most medical insurance premiums, including Medicare supplement premiums, too, can qualify for a Schedule A deduction in your 1040, however solely IF your medical spending in the 12 months is over a certain threshold. This means it’s important to have had sufficient total medical charges to file an itemized deduction in your Form 1040.

In 2019, you have to have complete qualifying bills that exceed 10% of your adjusted gross revenue. Maintain this in your thoughts, that throughout the years where you have had increased medical utilization than others, and point out it to your accountant or CPA when getting ready to file your IRS tax return.

Self-employed people could possibly deduct 100% of their premiums – verify together with your CPA or accountant for further details for those who work for themselves or own their own company.

Grow Part-time Income to Pay Your Medicare Premiums

So are there other methods to decrease your Medicare premiums if none of those previously referenced issues apply to you? Effectively, you could possibly think about earning some part-time revenue that will help you pay for these Part B and D premiums.

In the digital world of today, it is simpler than ever. You’ll be able to pet-sit or dog-walk in your own neighborhood. You may enroll on line to tutor international pupils in English as a second language. You could possibly drive for Uber or Lyft – and only a few hours a month can be enough to pay that $135.50/month Part B premium.

For additional methods to earn supplemental revenue, take a look at our post on 50 ingenious methods to earn cash in retirement.

Think you might still have questions on any of the methods mentioned earlier to lower your Medicare premiums? Feel free to contact one of our health insurance brokers and they will be happy to assist you.

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