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Before the health care act was passed there were gaps in the private health insurance system that left millions without access to affordable insurance plans. The health care reform that took place in 2010 has helped millions of Americans gain access to quality Obama health care plans.

Florida especially, where the number of enrollees is the largest in the nation. Self employed individuals are one of the biggest benefactors of the law, as they can now enroll in an affordable private health insurance plan.

Small enough to give you personalized support while also providing fast and efficient service, we proudly serve the residents of Broward County (BC) and all of Florida.

Our insurance agency is located less than a mile from Downtown Hollywood, across the Big Easy Casino on Pembroke Road.

The benefits of having health insurance in Florida

  • Protection from unexpected, high medical costs.
  • FREE preventative care before even meeting your deductible
  • Coverage for essential health benefits critical for health maintenance.
  • Pay less for covered in-network health before meeting your deductible.
  • Avoid paying a tax penalty for 2018 if you have qualified health coverage.
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10 EHB's covered by Obama healthcare plans


By law, health insurance companies in Florida (and US) must cover preventive services — at no cost to you.


Your baby is covered under your Obama health care plan, both before and after birth, as essential benefits.


Hospital stays that require admission + outpatient care usually with overnight stays for observation.

Pediatric Services

Health coverage for children, including oral and vision are covered in your Obama health care plan as well.

Emergency Care

Your insurance company cannot charge you more for getting emergency room services at an out of network hospital.

Prescription Drugs

All Obama health care plans cover prescription drugs. Check with your insurance broker to see which plan covers yours.

Outpatient Care

Ambulatory patient services, such as outpatient care you receive without being admitted to the hospital.

Behavior/Mental Health

Behavioral health treatment, mental and health inpatient services, and substance abuse treatment are covered.

Rehabilitative Services

Rehab/habilitative services + devices (help those with injuries, disabilities, or chronic conditions) are covered.

Find more information about Obama Health Care plans.


The Affordable Health Care Act has not been struck down

Pertinent details about health insurance in Florida

Discounts with your Florida health insurance

Manage your health

Eating well, exercising, and practicing good lifestyle habits can help decrease your future medical costs.

Health plans discounts

Ask your health plan if any discounts/savings for participation in a wellness plan or gym are available.

Additional savings with your Florida health insurance

  • Enroll in a short term health plan.
  • If you are young and healthy, enroll in a bronze plan.
  • Find out if your monthly premium or medical costs are tax deductible.
  • Compare Obama health care plans from different insurance companies.

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What is the Federal Poverty Line for 2019?

Every year, the parameters of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) increase based on the cost of living.

Families need to understand where they fall on the FPL so they know whether they are eligible for Medicaid in their state or whether they are eligible for a federal subsidy because they earn between 100 and 400 percent of the FPL, or whether they are eligible for a tax credit because they purchased a silver plan and earn less than 250% of the FPL.

2019 Federal Poverty Line

What will I need to complete my Obama healthcare quote?

Several pieces of information are required to complete an online request for quote for an Obama health care plan.

Listed below are the seven different items our health insurance brokers will need from you and the other members of your household for an accurate health insurance quote.

Zip Code

The zip code helps determine what Obama health care plans are in your county.

Household Number

Household includes you, spouse, and everyone claimed as a dependent on your taxes.


Include the age(s) of everybody in your household.


Include the gender(s) of everybody in your household


Please include your estimated income + the income of others in your household for the following year.


Please let us know if any of the females in your household are currently pregnant.

Insurance Eligibility

Please let us know if anybody is eligible for health insurance through another program.

Advantage of Using an El Mag Insurance Health Broker

Our tagline says it all; ‘Our plans are based on yours.’ El Mag Insurance is dedicated to helping our clients meet their specific insurance coverage needs.

We live in an uncertain world and insurance coverage must often be tailored to offer specific solutions for individual risks.

Maximized Savings

Asking pertinent questions that familiarize ourselves with your situation so we can continually assess both the ideal plan, but also the long term savings for you, the client.

Claim Assistance

Accidents occur everyday and having a health insurance broker be your advocate during the claims process is to a client’s benefit (both mentally and time constraint wise).

Risk Assessment

We will never rush you into a decision. Our work ethic dictates that we take as much care as we possibly can to match you with the ideal insurance policy for you and your loved ones.

Quality Coverage

The comprehensive pallet of private insurance plans offered provide a customized protection solution that caters to you and your family’s health, liability, or property coverage needs.

Personal Support

View this as a partnership between yourself and our agency; this client-focused approach has helped us gain thousands of satisfied and loyal clients all around the state of Florida.


The years of experience that our health insurance brokers possess allows us to be knowledgeable about an insurance company’s individual strengths and weaknesses.

Find the right health insurance broker to assist you with all your Obama health care plan needs.


Company overview

El Mag Insurance is a family-owned (think of My Big Fat Greek Wedding)  insurance agency that serves the awesome residents of The Sunshine State, specifically the counties of: Broward, Duval, Marion, Monroe, Miami-Dade, Orange, and Palm Beach counties.

Reading or talking about insurance in general can be both tedious and confusing (we know) for many individuals.

Continuous improvement is a large part of our agency’s philosophy, and implementing a more streamlined and less tiresome way to engage with both prospects and clients has been one of our goals since our founding in 2015.

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