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What is a SunCARE Health Option Plan?

An exciting and new health insurance alternative is available here in Florida, SunCARE health option is a Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) plan that offers an affordable and unique approach to health care coverage.

It’s designed for individuals and families who exceed the poverty line and therefore do not have access to affordable medical care through the Marketplace.

If you’ve been stressing that you and your family will have no health insurance this coming year, then your worries are over!

Small enough to give you personalized support while also providing fast and efficient service, we also proudly serve the American people in all 50 states. Wish to enroll yourself? You can do so by clicking here.

Our insurance agency is located less than a mile from Downtown Hollywood, across the Big Easy Casino on Pembroke Road.

What exactly is Minimum Essential Coverage?

Minimum Essential Coverage, also known as qualifying health coverage, refers to any insurance plan that meets the Affordable Care Act’s requirement for health coverage. These types of health insurance plans may be:

  • Employer-sponsored, such as group health insurance for employees, COBRA, or retiree coverage;
  • Health coverage under government-sponsored programs, including Medicare Part A and B, Medicare Advantage (Part C), Medicaid, Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) or TRICARE;
  • Individual health coverage, such as health insurance purchased directly from an insurance company, purchased through the Health Insurance Marketplace, or provided through a student health plan.

What are the benefits of a SunCARE health option plan?


SunCARE health option plans aren’t restricted by the open enrollment period of other private health insurance plans, such as the Obama health care plans.

This means you can apply for coverage at any time during the year, without the need to have to reveal your income or tax information.

These MEC plans are also ideal for those who require affordable insurance coverage and are self employed.


SunCARE health option plans meet the minimum essential requirements imposed on both employers and individuals. Starting with the 2019 plan year (for which taxes are filed in April 2020), the penalty will no longer apply.


SunCARE option plans are substantially less expensive than traditional private health insurance plans, offering a budget-friendly solution – without compromising on quality.

Health Insurance Alternative

SunCARE  health option covers a broad range of medical benefits that most of us need at some point in our lives.

This includes everyday things like visiting doctors or specialists and prescription medication, as well as preventative and wellness services.

It also includes services for unforeseen illnesses or injuries that require stays in hospitals or x-rays.

With SunCARE, you won’t need to worry about how you’re going to afford medical bills in the event something unexpected occurs.

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Discount Services

All SunCARE health options plans include the Alternative Network which features: HealthJoy, Wellcard Savings, and MeMD discount services.

Supercharge your health benefits today to help control costs and improve health with this easy to use app.

All-in-one health benefits solution

  • Personalized benefits experience
  • Intelligent virtual assistant
  • Benefits concierge
  • Cost transparency
  • RX optimization
  • Appointment setting

Alternative Network

Health Joy

Benefits include: Easy to use app, $0 copay telemedicine, claims advocacy, medical bill reviews, benefit wallet, and in-network provider search Rx.

**Wellcard Integration

Benefits include: First access Doctor discount, Aetna dental discount, outLook vision, beltone hearing, and entertainment benefits.

Med Plan Integration

Integrates with your Health plan! Have all of your ID Cards in one spot!


This plan is NOT HEALTH INSURANCE, nor is it a replacement for major medical insurance. It is a discount plan and does not meet the requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

You must pay for services at the time they are rendered. If you receive services at a participating provider, you will receive a discount for those services. Neither Alternative Network or AccessOne will pay any fees to providers.

**The following plans include MEDICAL PLAN INTEGRATION: WellPlus, WellCare, MEC Value, and MEC Basic Plus

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Summary of benefits example

Below you will find an example summary of benefits for a typical SunCARE health option plan.

SunCARE MEC plan chart

Advantage of Using an El Mag Health Insurance Broker

Our tagline says it all; ‘Our plans are based on yours.’ El Mag Insurance is dedicated to helping our clients meet their specific insurance coverage needs. We live in an uncertain world and insurance coverage must often be tailored to offer specific solutions for individual risks.

Maximized Savings

Asking pertinent questions that familiarize ourselves with your situation so we can continually assess both the ideal plan, but also the long term savings for you, the client.

Claim Assistance

Accidents occur everyday and having a health insurance broker be your advocate during the claims process is to a client’s benefit (both mentally and time constraint wise).

Risk Assessment

We will never rush you into a decision. Our work ethic dictates that we take as much care as we possibly can to match you with the ideal insurance policy for you and your loved ones.

Quality Coverage

The comprehensive pallet of private insurance plans offered provide a customized protection solution that caters to you and your family’s health, liability, or property coverage needs.

Personal Support

View this as a partnership between yourself and our agency; this client-focused approach has helped us gain thousands of satisfied and loyal clients all around the state of Florida.


The years of experience that our health insurance brokers possess allows us to be knowledgeable about an insurance company’s individual strengths and weaknesses.

Find the right health insurance broker to assist you with all your SunCARE health option plan needs.


Company overview

El Mag Insurance is a family-owned (think of My Big Fat Greek Wedding) independent insurance agency that serves the awesome residents of The Sunshine State, specifically the counties of: Broward, Duval, Marion, Monroe, Miami-Dade, Orange, and Palm Beach counties.

Reading or talking about insurance in general can be both tedious and confusing (we know) for many individuals.

Continuous improvement is a large part of our agency’s philosophy, and implementing a more streamlined and less tiresome way to engage with both prospects and clients has been one of our goals since our founding in 2015.

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