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We put our clients first and foremost in the list of priorities. Taking the time to get to know you and to better understand your situation and circumstances.

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Leveraging our years of experience and knowledge in this industry, we can elaborate on an insurance policies individual strengths and weaknesses to find the best fit for you.

The Last of us

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Working with a health insurance broker will provide peace of mind, knowing that saving money on your insurance premium does not equate to sacrificing coverage.

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Obama Health Care Plans

The ACA has helped millions of Americans become insured and we are proud to be taking part in the health care reform of this country.


Medicare Advantage

Seniors have an array of choices in the Medicare Advantage market and need quality, unbiased counsel from their agent.


SunCare Plans

Millions of Americans have salaries above the federal poverty line and need comprehensive health coverage that is affordable.


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Can’t say enough about this place. I don’t normally write reviews but this place commanded one.I purchased the health insurance with them and Erick was a total hero and ended up spending over an hour of his time making it happen so that my family and I have coverage. I highly recommend “El Mag Insurance Corp” to all my friends.

Martha S.
ElMag has been helping me stayed insured for the past few years. They go above and beyond to make sure that I have the best insurance that meets my needs. I highly recommend.
MissLola 305

Very polite, friendly and knowledgeable about your product

Angie Thomas

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