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25 Ingenious Methods to Earn Cash in Retirement

The idea of getting ready to choose one of the retirement communities in Florida to live out our days blissfully free of any worry sounds like Heaven, I admit. Truthfully though, retirement does not totally eliminate every bit of responsibility, especially financial.

One financial responsibility I am referring to is your Medicare Part B premium, which as of 2021 is $148.50 (or could be higher, depends on your income). Honestly, the thought of having to pay this out of your hard-earned savings or social security benefits really sucks.

Being the solutions-based team we are, our health insurance brokers then decided to compile a list of part-time jobs, business ventures, and remote gigs that will help you pay off your Medicare Part B premium. We did our best to provide as many of the sign-up links as possible. Enjoy!

Rent a room or your entire house

Have a spare vacation villa or beach cottage for rent? You can use websites like Airbnb to set up an account and offer either a room in your home for rent or your entire home/second home as well. About 54% of homeowners polled say they would rent their apartment/home via websites like Airbnb.

Taking care of other people

The rising demand for Caregivers is evident virtually anywhere. There are many positions in the nanny care field that you can choose from, such as becoming a special needs nanny, or you can also do this as a part-time or full-time nanny for both children or the elderly.

Sell products from home

Enjoy throwing jewelry home parties or getting together with friends and family to eat chocolate or drink wine? Signing up with a company to become an independent consultant is for those who love enlivening a room and presenting something they are passionate about.

The nutrition-conscious can flock towards Herbalife. Those with a passion for wine have Traveling Vineyard. The crowd with a sweet tooth can join The Cocoa Exchange, and for women who want to unleash their inner fashionista, cabi is a great direct sales company to sign up with.

Deliver your local newspaper

You most likely haven’t considered this one since childhood. However, individuals still receive commissions to throw newspapers around the neighborhood. The best part is you will be done early and have the remainder of the day to chill out and revel in being retired.

In-home pet sitting

Pet nannies are a thing, and I’m all for it! Spend your retirement years surrounded by lovable and playful pets as you turn your home into an affordable cat and dog boarding option via Rover/DogVacay. Take your newfound friends on dog walks near you, or enjoy some quality cat sitting with a sophisticated new furry friend.

Shadow shop ’til you drop

Secret shopper apps are available via the app store on your phone. You can download and then assign yourself whichever available gigs are in your area to make quick and easy money. I have received payment for accepting assignments at stores like Target, Walmart, and 7-Eleven.

My favorites are when I get to visit fast-food restaurants like Burger King and Taco Bell. You shopaholics reading this have an extensive list of mystery shopping companies to choose from, but probably the most famous and reliable of them would be Field Agent.

Get down with the Gig Economy

Create an account on a micro outsourcing website like Fiverr, and you can offer your drawing, writing, programming skills, etc., to the global Marketplace. Don’t allow the rates you see on websites like Fiverr to dissuade you either, because you can earn more than a salary if the service you offer is in demand.

Find a roommate

You can save a ton of money by having a room for rent in your apartment or home. The roommate(s) and yourself can split everything down the middle, or a portion of it, depending on how you want to draw up your agreement with them. Roomster and are two excellent and verified ways to find people looking for the same arrangement as you. Make sure you choose someone who is both responsible and compatible with you.

Library Assistant

Book enthusiasts who enjoy a quiet and leisurely experience, this is something that you can do and the hours are reasonable + the work is light as well.

Your life experience pays

The years you have spent on this Earth have taught you a thing or two, no? Imparting your wisdom to individuals, whether with a relationship, spiritual life, wellness, transformational, confidence, or motivational, is something that individuals will want coaching on.

The simplest way to build an audience is to start a business Facebook page, an online blog, or a YouTube account and showcase the value you can offer an individual if they decide to use your services on a full-time basis.

Stay in different homes every month

Looking for a cheap way to travel or enjoy housework (even when it’s not your house)? Watching over a house would then be ideal for someone like yourself. Websites like Nomador (International) and MindMyHouse (Domestic) offer you opportunities to either participate in long-term or short-term house sitting.

The owners will probably ask you to perform some light duties, such as watering flowers/plants, taking care of their pets, bringing in the mail, and maintain the cleanliness of the home.

Musically gifted? Teach others then

I would love to learn from a piano instructor how to play “Moonlight Sonata” on a piano or learn to play “Hallelujah” on a violin from a violin teacher. The interest to learn an instrument is global, which means you have the chance to teach someone in your town/city or online as well.

You can specialize in piano lessons for adults, guitar lessons for kids, group piano lessons, etc. Whatever musical talent you possess, don’t be shy about showing it off and passing on that knowledge to other eager students.

Personal Assistant

Professionals are hard-pressed for time and need help with everyday activities that they may let slip due to their professional responsibilities. Personal assistant services become a necessity for these folks, the roles can differ, of course, but usually, your duties include things like delivering groceries, picking up dry cleaning, and dropping their pets off at the groomer. 

Positions are available right now on GoNannies, LinkedIn, and ZipRecruiter. Think of yourself as an errand runner whose main purpose is to make life less stressful for them.

Sign up as a poll worker

Elections are held in every town, city, and state in the Union, and poll workers are an important component of the election process. Described as the “front line representation,” often they are very involved in their community and enjoy serving.

The hours can be a bit long, but the work required of you is often light and also temporary. Contact your local Supervisor of Elections and see what jobs are available.

Selling items online

Admittedly I will show my bias here, but selling items online either via Amazon, eBay, or Etsy is the most profitable and stress-free way you will earn cash in your retirement years. Think of all the advantages in your favor? Working from home, low overhead (when you start out), and the item listing process is crazy simple nowadays (thanks to technology, yay!)

Finding the right product to sell is simple enough. Just look at the popular listings on each of these auction websites. Finding the right keywords to use in your listings can be as easy as copying what the more popular sellers are using to doing your own in-depth keyword research on Google.

Etsy is where you can sell your crafts or vintage items you have lying around, eBay you can sell both new and used items of (mostly) any variety, and Amazon is reserved for new items that are packaged and sealed (like in a brick and mortar store). Reading books, watching tutorials, or learning from an expert are some of the best ways (which I have also used) to learn how to sell on these websites.

Health insurance brokers wanted

Seasonal work for those either experienced in the health insurance world or that want to get their health insurance license and become new brokers is available. You have the option of only working in the Open Enrollment, which is about 45 days or 90 days (in some cases) for Obama health care and Medicare part C plans.

Once the Open Enrollment ends, you can focus on offering MEC plans, supplemental plans, off-market health insurance plans, and building up your Medicare Part C book of business by signing up those individuals who are turning 65 if you choose to do this full-time.

(Shameless plug) If you are interested in becoming a health insurance broker, we can help you with that!

Become a tax specialist

Speaking of seasonal work, this is another way to earn cash if you want to work about 105 days out of the year. Experienced tax experts and novices who are eager to learn are always welcome to partake. One of my Aunties did this for many years at H&R Block, and she enjoyed the work and the team around her.

One of the best benefits of working in the tax services industry is that you have the rest of the year to enjoy your retirement and possibly take a cruise or two once the tax season ends! (Another shameless plug)

Teach English to eager students

Love being able to impart knowledge to others? Traveling to a different country and then living there for a year or two? It sounds like being an ESL teacher is an ideal mashup of both of your passions, lucky you! The first thing is to become certified, and then once that has been accomplished, you can request to be posted in countries of your choice.

(Sometimes, the request won’t be granted due to high demand, though). One of my best friends has done this now for over three years, and he has lived in China all that time! The first year he was there, they stationed him in Shanghai and now he is in a smaller city near Chengdu (I believe); He has gotten to travel all over Asia during his time there as well.

Most importantly, though, he receives so much joy being able to teach his students something they are eager to learn and the reward of being able to help other people leaves him and others like him with a satisfaction that’s difficult to describe.

Temp agencies really do work

Perhaps you are someone who wants to be an office temp for a few weeks or a couple of months. The staffing services provided by a temp agency can make that happen. Staffing agencies cater to your specific demands and look for job placements ideal for you.

Friends of mine and myself have used staffing agencies in the past, and they have come through in a big way. Sometimes they can find you something quickly. Other times it takes a while, so the safest bet would be to be patient once you submit your application for work.

Transcribe your way to an income

Typing well and owning a computer with an internet connection can now make you $20/hour (on average for audio) as a transcriptionist. Quite a number of individuals use transcriptionists on a daily basis to help get their audio or videos transcribed. Find out more by visiting TranscribeMe (use Google Chrome when on the TranscribeMe website).

Traveling as your job

I kid you not, being a travel agent is one of the coolest and most fun “jobs” you will ever have, guaranteed! Make your own hours, get to talk about traveling all day with people, attending seminars to learn about new products, cruise ships inspections, going on FAM trips, and so much more.

If you choose to do this, the best advice I could give is to think about what you want to specialize in. The information about being a Disney travel agent or any sort of worldwide travel is so vast and unending that if you do everything, you will be overwhelmed.

Become an expert in your travel niche(s), and people will see the value you bring to them and will then seek you out for advice and place their travel plans in your expert hands! Side note, people tend to ask me, “how can I become a travel agent too?”

Quite simple, actually! Sign up with a host agency like this or this one and go through the training, and voila, you are officially a travel agent!

Spend the holidays at the mall

Major retailers all over the US always need extra help around the holidays and the summer. Seasonal part-time work is ideal for those who love being around people and shopping. The more availability and flexibility you have, the easier it will be to find seasonal part-time work.

Hiring for these jobs usually occurs during the months leading up to the holiday and the summer seasons. The retailers will usually hire you for the following seasons if you do a good job. Typically the length of one of these seasonal part-time jobs is anywhere between 6-8 weeks.

Drive your way to earnings

You can earn an income by becoming a DoorDash driver or passing the necessary Lyft driving requirements. The job is loads of fun, in my opinion, and you get to meet all sorts of interesting people. I used to drive for both Lyft and Postmates, and tips are also encouraged by all of the ridesharing companies, and the clientele are usually happy to do so. The hours are flexible, as you can work as much or as little as you desire.

Based on my experience, I would say you will get more agreeable people during the morning and afternoon. People during the evening can get more belligerent due to alcohol consumption, and there will be a strong possibility of one of them vomiting in your car as well. However, you will receive more requests for pickups during the evening, so there is that to consider.

Create online computer courses

Have a valuable skill that people would want to learn? These could be playing an instrument, computer hardware or software knowledge, marketing concepts, or photography lessons, just to name a few. Simply create an account on websites such as Udemy, record an e-course (series of web videos), and teach people the subject(s) you are most knowledgeable on.

Certifications, awards, or years of experience are greatly valued by the people who search for e-courses on Udemy and other websites like it. Don’t be bashful about your achievements in your field(s) of expertise, as this will give you a better chance of making more sales on these platforms.

Freelance services

Enjoy the thought of performing administrative, clerical, or marketing services online, from your home, in your jammies? Websites such as Upwork allow you the opportunity to set your own hours, your own hourly/weekly rate, and describe which duties you either have experience in or are willing to take on from employers.

I have personally used Upwork to hire a freelancer for product research, and she was absolutely superb! Professional and diligent, she hails all the way from the Philippines, which means you can literally do this anywhere in the world! You just need access to the Internet and have a computer or laptop handy.

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